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Solution to Puzzle 129.  RACE CAR DRIVERS

Mike, Jimmy, Nader, Kevin, and Larry were the top five finishers in the Regional 500-Mile Car Race.  They drove yellow, orange, green, red, and blue race cars, but not necessarily in that order.  Here are the facts:

A) Neither Kevin nor Larry drove the green car.  

B) Kevin finished faster than Mike and Larry.  

C) The blue car finished earlier than Larry's car and Nader's car.  

D) The yellow car finished faster than the green car and the orange car.

E) Mike's car and Larry's car finished better than the orange car.  

F) Jimmy's car finished earlier than the blue car and the yellow car.

Based on the information above, here are the facts:

1) From (A), the green car is not driven by Kevin nor Larry. 

2) From (C), the blue car is not Larry's car and Nader's car.

3) From (E), Mike's car and Larry's car is not orange car.

4) From (B) and (E), and Kevin's car is not orange car.

5) From (F), Jimmy's car is not blue or yellow car.

6) From (D), and (F), we conclude that Jimmy's car finished better than blue, yellow, green, and orange car, and therefore drove the red car, and finished first.

7) Mark with X on table below, based on information above to indicate the car not driven by the driver, and Y to indicate the car driven by the driver.







Jimmy Y X X


Kevin X     X X
Larry X X   X X
Mike X       X
Nader X X      

8) Looking at the Orange column, we can conclude that Nader drove the Orange Car.  Looking at Larry's row, we conclude that Larry drove the Yellow Car.  Since Kevin did not drove the Green Car, the Kevin must have driven the Blue Car.  This leaves Mike as the Green Car Driver.

9) From (F), Jimmy's Red Car was faster than the Blue Car driven by Kevin.

10) From (C), Kevin's Blue Car was faster than Larry's Yellow Car.

11) From (D), Larry's Yellow Car was faster than Mike's Green Car.

12) From (E), Mike's Green Car finished better than Nader's Orange Car.

Therefore, these were the results of the 500-Mile Car Race:



Color of Race Car

1st Place Jimmy Red
2nd Place Kevin Blue
3rd Place Larry Yellow
4th Place Mike Green
5th Place Nader Orange


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