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A Cryptogram is a message encrypted in codes.  Often each letter or symbol in the code represents another letter of the alphabet.  Most cryptograms are codes representing texts, quotations, mottoes, poems, proverbs, and maxims.  Sometimes, the source author is indicated as a clue to the puzzle. 

For example, a famous line from the J. F. Kennedy's inaugural speech 

    "Ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your country." 

may be encoded into a cryptogram as follows:  

    "Zas xpb nwzb optc vptxbco vzx wp dpc opt, ktb zas nwzb opt vzx wp dpc optc vptxbco."

    A typical way of solving cryptograms is to look for patterns, word lengths, letter combinations, word endings and beginnings, and punctuation.  Also look for letters or symbols that occur most often in the cryptogram.  These letters or symbols may represent E or T or other more often occurring letters in English words.  As more and more letters are decoded, more words become recognizable.

     Try these cryptograms:


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