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Chess is a game of logic.  It is a game of logical thinking.   The strategy used in winning a chess game is parallel to those in running a business.  One has to think ahead, plan a winning strategy and analyze several complex factors.   Playing chess allows one to sharpen and exercise the mind.

The chess set is composed of 32 pieces, with each player having 16 pieces.  Each side has a king, a queen, two bishops, two knights, two rooks, and eight pawns.  White always move first, and players take turns alternately moving one piece at a time.  The objective the game is to "checkmate" or capture your opponent's king.

Chess, in an earlier form, has been played in India as early as the 6th century AD.  In the early times, it was mostly played by nobles and the aristocrats.  Several changes have been made as the game evolved.  Castling was added in the 1500's.  The queen was an addition in the 15th century.  Some other minor changes were done in the 1800s.

Each piece has its own method of movement.  A piece may be moved to another position or may capture an opponent's piece.  A capture is done by landing on a square occupied by an opponent piece, and removing the opponent piece from the chessboard.  With the exception of the knight, a piece may not move over any of the other pieces.

In tournament games, each player is allowed a limited amount of time to make certain number of moves.  It is also a common practice in regular tournament game that once a piece has been touched by a player, it must be the piece that should be moved moved.

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