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Christmas Puzzle L3.  SOUP KITCHEN

During a Sharing Sunday of the Christmas Season, a Soup Kitchen was held to provide food for the needy.  Alice, Bert, Christa, David, Eleonor, and Fritz came to help in the event.  Each of the prepared a dish.  However, each served a dish prepared by another one of them. 

David prepared the burgers but did not serve ice creams. 

The person who prepared hot dogs served the pasta. 

The person who prepared the salad served the hot dogs. 

Alice prepared the ice cream. 

The person who prepared the pasta served the salad. 

Christa did not prepare the soup, but served the hot dogs. 

Bert served the pasta, while  Eleonor serves the salad.

Name what food each person prepared, and what food each person served.

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Art in no wise least among the princes of Judah: 
For out of thee shall come forth a governor, 
Who shall be shepherd of my people Israel. 

                     Matthew 2:6


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