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Solution to Puzzle 9.  BASEBALL

Under the official rules of baseball, when the catcher misses the ball, or drops the ball on a third strike, the batter will have the opportunity to run to first base.  The catcher will have to quickly recover the ball in order to throw the batter out at first.  If the batter is saved at first, then, an error is charged to the catcher.  However, the pitcher will still be credited with a strike out.  The batter is not credited with a base hit, but is charged with an at bat.
So here is a scenario:  The pitcher struck out the first two batters.  The third batter was supposed to be struck out, but on the the third strike, the catcher missed the ball, and the batter was saved at first, but not credited with a hit.  The pitcher was credited with a strike out.  Then the runner stole to second, while the fourth batter was on plate.  Then he stole again to third.  With two strikes, the pitcher made a wild pitch and the runner at third scored.  Finally, the pitcher struck out the fourth batter.  The pitcher was credited with four strike outs and the opponent team scored a run.

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