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A hyperbola is a planar curve consisting of two disconnected curves or branches which are mirror image of each other.  It is one of the kind of conic sections, and is formed by intersecting a plane with the two parts of a double cone.  Each branch of the hyperbola has two arms, which extends outwards relative to the center of the hyperbola.  As the arms get further, they get closer to an asymptotic line which passes through the center of the hyperbola.

A hyperbola in cartesian coordinates with opennings in the direction of x axis is defined by the following equation:

                       (x-h)2/a2 - (y-k)2/b2 = 1

The following are examples of curve paths forming the shape of hyperbola:

1)  Path of a rocket ship escaping from earths gravity.

2)  Path followed by the shadow of the tip of a sundial.


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