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Ben, Carol, Fenny, and Harry went to a bar to have ice cream sundaes. Each of their ice cream two flavors from among the following: Chocolate, vanilla, raspberry, and strawberry.

Ben did not have chocolate 1

Carol did not have vanilla 2

Fenny did not have raspberry 3

Carol and Fenny did not have any flavors in common 6

Two of them had strawberry. 7

Two of them had chocolate. 8

Three of them ordered vanilla. 9

Harry did not have strawberry 4

Carol had strawberry. 5

What were the two ice cream flavors each of them ordered?


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Bits and Beyond ... 

Mistakes are at the very base of human thought, embedded there, feeding the structure like root nodules. If we were not provided with the knack for being wrong, we could never get anything useful done.  We think our way along by choosing between right and wrong alternatives, and the wrong choices have to be made as often as the right ones. We get along in life this way. 

                          Lewis Thomas


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