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Read some of the comments from our visitors.


Thank you. This will be a good way to finish my classes before Christmas vacation.

                                                            C.M., School Teacher

I enjoyed solving puzzles of your site.  They are really exciting!  Keep it up!

                                                            B.K., Student

This is great!  Though i may not be able to sleep until I solve the puzzles...


I am looking for sources of logic problems for my math students. I will definitely come back to this site.

                                                            W.K., School Teacher

I like your website as it provides many challenging puzzles that can stimulate students' minds.

                                                            Floraine, Math Teacher

It is a very enjoyable website.

                                                            T.C., Accountant

Good.  Continue to give us good puzzles.


I always like a good logic problem. It's great that there's websites for it. I love to have to think, the challenge, the rush when I'm right, the disappointment and determination when I'm not...


This is a fun web site I've found some problems that required a lot of crafty reasoning to solve ... Just wanted to thank the creators of this website for making these exercises so available.  Best wishes. 


I do enjoy cryptograms the most, but some of them are almost impossible to get without at least one clue!


This looks like an awesome site that I can use in my classroom.  Thanks.

                                                            P.T, Junior High Math Teacher

I'd love to use these puzzles with my classes. Is there any way that all the solutions could be posted? I would have rated the site an 'A' if the solutions were present. :)

Thank you! They're great puzzles!

                                                            B.F., Middle School Teacher

Very interesting site. It put your brains to work again


I love your site. I will use it often for my kids.

                                                            M.B., 6th Grade Teacher.

Thanks for some great material for my students!

                                                            K.R., Math Teacher

This website has some very unique and challenging puzzles = it really gives your brain some exercise!


Great site, lots of fun and entertainment. Good for rainy day activity. clever puzzles.



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