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The baseball field at Northtown High School has the following dimensions: 

The distance between bases, as usual is 90 feet.  The distance from the pitcher's plate to the home plate is 60 feet.  The fence at the outfield forms a semi-circle with its center at the second base.   The distance from the home plate to the center of the outfield fence is 400 feet. 

How far is the distance from the home plate to the outfield fence at the foul line?


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Bits and Beyond...

On Base Percentage

On Base Percentage is the average of a batter obtained by dividing the total number of hits, bases on balls and times hit by pitch by the total of at-bats, bases on balls, times hit by pitch and sacrifice flies. For example, if Barry has 529 at-bats, 175 hits, 64 walks, 7 times hit by pitch and 8 sacrifice flies, his on-base percentage is .405 or ((175+64+7)/(529+64+7+8)). 


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