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During the past fifteen years, Bill, Dan, Frank, Roy, and Sam each have been players in only three of the following five baseball teams:  Cubs, Giants, Orioles, Tigers, and Yankees.  Similarly, during the past 15 years, each of these teams has three of these five players as members.  Dan has never played for the Orioles.  Frank has never played for the Tigers.  Sam has never played for the Yankees and the Tigers.  Two of the players never played for the Cubs and the Giants.  Name the teams that each of these players has played during the past 15 years.

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Earned Run Average (ERA) is the total number of earned runs allowed by the pitcher, divided by his total innings pitched, multiplied by nine.  For example, if a pitcger allows 89 earned runs in 301 innings, his earned run average is 2.66 ((89/301)*9). . 


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