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Algebra I Placement Review Test Section 3

Translate each problems below to an equation and solve.

1.  If you deposited $7500 in a bank with 2.8% interest rate,

     how much will you earn after 3 years in interest?

2.  Beth ate 3 apples from the shelf. 

     The next day, her father bought 27 more apples and placed them on the shelf.

     The total number of apples were now 3 times that before Beth ate the apples.

     How many apples did her father bought?

3.  How long did it take Alice to drive 224 miles if she her average speed is 64 miles an hour.

4.  Mike has 180 coins.  

     After giving some coins to Nick, he has 40% less coins. 

     How many coins did Mike gave to Nick?

5.  Lily placed 1/3 of the pie on Christina's plate. 

     Christina then ate 2/5 of what's on her plate.

     What fraction of the pie did Christina ate?

6.  A full tank of gasoline on a car is 16 gallons. 

     If the is is 3/8 full, how many gallons is in the tank?




Algebra Placement Tests


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